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End-of-the-WorldSO HERE WE ARE. The Last Year of Earthly Things. No really. This could be it. The big one. The final countdown. The last grains of sand in the hourglass. In 2012, I decided to live my life as if each year were the last, because who knows? In many ways, this project changed my life. I flew back home to see my family. I started grad school. I recorded my first EP, and a full-length album is coming soon. The Last Year of Earthly Things kicked me into action. However, I have been very sporadic with this blog, and I’m making some changes.

From now on, The Last Year of Earthly Things will be a personal blog about my mission to live each year as if it were the last. Random funny things – observations, rants, and thoughts at 2am – will move to a new blog, Last Hurrah. In short: The Last Year of Earthly Things: stuff about me and my projects. Last Hurrah: new and old funny stuff.

Welcome to the new Last Year of Earthly Things, 2015. My goals:

* release an album

* write a novel (or at least the first draft)

* improve my French and Spanish

* get into the best shape of my life

* get a Master degree

Easy. Let’s go.



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